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AutoSol began when Douglas Osburn, President of AutoSol, started the company in October of 1988 as a systems integration and services company. When providing services to those first customers, Mr. Osburn saw the need for a single communication hub to integrate and manage the communications between the various field devices and front end GUI’s. As a result, AutoSol expanded its operations shifting from system integration to development of software and software services to meet the demands of the ever-changing oil and gas industry.

AutoSol's first software product, AUCS (AutoSol Universal Communication Server), was a revolutionary product.  AUCS combined several protocol drivers into a single host server able to communicate to a large number of client applications and is still in use today. As AUCS became more robust in features and supported protocols, an update to the software became necessary which resulted in our AutoSol Enterprise Server.  Today Enterprise Server is the 6th major release and is a result of 17 years of continuous development derived from AUCS and has been installed in over 1,000 different companies worldwide.

Our Staff

AutoSol's staff is made up primarily of programmers with a combined 130 years experience in SCADA protocol development. Each protocol developer has extensive knowledge of the devices they are designing protocols for and has worked closely with the device manufacturers to ensure stable and reliable drivers for our Enterprise Server. Our programmers have extensive experience in the oil and gas SCADA field and have worked closely with some of the largest companies in that industry.

AutoSol is committed to providing reliable, flexible solutions to your Automation and Data Delivery needs. AutoSol is the most widely respected company of its kind in the industry. AutoSol will be there to meet the demands of the industrial data delivery market and to lead the way with advances in new technologies as well as supporting legacy systems for years to come.



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